16 May 2013


Today on Twitter some people got annoyed and started circulating this Dolce & Gabbana advert from 2007, which you may or may not remember was banned after some complained that it was disrespectful to women and "glamorised" gang rape. 

Now, you don't know that she is being gang raped.  She doesn't look frightened.  The male models don't look, to me, particularly menacing (although that might be due to the plastic expression that all D&G models are expected to adopt).  And you know, some women, so I have heard, actually enjoy sex.  Some women even enjoy sex with several partners at the same time.  Some women do enjoy having their hands held above their heads (note: her wrists aren't tied and the man isn't actually holding her in a particularly forceful way.).  The female model is even pushing her vagina towards male model.  So why was the immediate reaction to this picture, "GANG RAPE!"?  If anything, it looks like he's providing her with two tickets to the gun show and she's feigning disinterest. It's a deliberately sexual advert from a very sexualised brand, but, in my opinion, there is very little about it that insinuates gang rape.  

If it sounds like I'm rather exasperated by this, I am.  There are so many important things going on in the world, and yet the best the self proclaimed moral compasses of Twitter could come up with is this?  What does dredging up an old advert even achieve?

If you must be annoyed with something, be annoyed with Don Charney.  Be annoyed with the agencies and brands that let anorexic girls walk the runways.  Be annoyed with Rupert Murdoch.  Be annoyed with the tit and arse magazines at eye level in the newsagents.  And yes, get angry about children being groomed and trafficked, be furious that blind eyes are turned as young girls get abused.  But be cross about things that are actually current, because being annoyed by a misinterpreted advert from six years ago, which was dealt with at the time, is the sort of thing that gives feminists a bad name and makes people want to roll their eyes.  And if they're rolling their eyes, they're not listening to you.


  1. I have to disagree with you there (and i hope you don't mind me stating my opinion, as i am in no way attacking yours).
    Whilst the ad doesn't specifically portray gang rape i consider it to be highly misogynistic and damaging to women.
    It shows a very vulnerable woman in a submissive pose who is being portrayed as an object. This kind of woman is portrayed across the media, regularly and it gives off the wrong, and a very unnecessary, message.
    In my opinion when this advert was released, in 2007, it was right for it to be banned but i agree with you about it being outdated and already dealt with. It's silly to dig up the past just to express your outrage when there are new atrocities being committed every day.

  2. YES TO THIS. I swear people choose the most unimportant shit to get mad over.


  3. Agree with you completely!! And @The Lamb she does not look 'very vulnerable'! Look at her! Look at what she's wearing + powerful red lippy, + killer heels!! If anything I'd say the opposite. I think that kind of reaction to things like this just makes women look weaker instead of saying "hells yeah women like to have a good time too"! xx

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  5. You are absolutely gorgeous! New follower :). And you are absolutely right and I totally agree. Let them talk!